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MotoZ Hi Performance Off Road Tires

Conceived and engineered by off-road motorcycle riders for use by off-road motorcycle riders, MotoZ Hi Performance Off Road Tires available at Adventure Designs work well off road without wearing out too quickly. MotoZ tires give great traction and long wear life. MotoZ tires work via a "Terrapactor" (terrain compactor) that employs the tread block design and placement to help compress the terrain to provide extra traction, drive and lift. The MotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T Tire, which completed the Baja 1000 without a single tire change, is designed to handle harder terrain like hard trails, desert sand with hard pack variations and fast rocky conditions. It has a tread design that is patented and which is great at climbing out of ruts and hard braking at extreme lean angles. The MotoZ Mountain Hybrid Tire works on a concave and lock system for superior traction and avoidance of punctures at low inflation pressure. Find the right MotoZ Hi Performance Off Road Tire for your bike at Adventure Designs.
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Motoz Tractionator DUAL VENTURE Front Tire. Select Size and Price.
Price: $125.99
MotoZ Tractionator Adventure Tire - DOT
Price: $119.99
Tractionator RallZ Adventure Off-Road Tire by Motoz
Price: $119.99
MotoZ TRACTIONATOR GPS 50 / 50 Adv / Dual Sport Tire
Price: $125.99
MotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T Tire
Price: $124.99
MotoZ Mountain Hybrid Tire
Price: $121.99
Arena Hybrid Tire by MotoZ
Price: $137.99
Extreme Hybrid Tire by MotoZ
Price: $121.99
DOT and ECER75 homologated Tractionator Enduro S/T, Tractionator Enduro I/T and DOT approved Tractionator Desert H/T are designed by off road riders for off road riders who want real off road tires that have street homologation to keep you legal and your insurance valid.

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