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Eurasian Odyssey DVD by GlobeRiders
Price: $24.95

The founder of GlobeRiders, Helge Pedersen, started the company as an afterthought. Photojournalist Pedersen sold all of his possessions and began touring the world on his motorcycle in the early 1980s. At the time, he had no intentions of starting a business out of his passion, but he ultimately did, after accumulating more than a decade's worth of adventure riding experience. This collection of GlobeRiders DVDs includes instructional videos on proper bike maintenance, as well as video guides of Pedersen's explorations.

The DVDs will give viewers a sense of what GlobeRiders offers. The company takes a handful of lucky participants on a two-wheeled adventure through a foreign country with Pedersen leading the way. All of the riders are unified by their motorcycles and desire to explore foreign countries in an unorthodox way. Join in on the fun from the comfort of your home, but be careful-you might learn a thing or two along the way. Most riders have been bitten by the adventure bug before. These DVDs document what happens when you give in to the itch.