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Antigravity Batteries and Jump Starters 10% OFF

If you've ever been left stranded by a dead battery, whether in your motorcycle, your cell phone or something else that relies on portable power, Adventure Designs has a solution for you. Antigravity batteries and jump starters from Adventure Designs are small, portable and easy to use, and they can keep you, your bike and your electronics going.
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The new Micro-Start XP-5 jump starter and personal power supply from Adventure Designs, for instance, is no bigger than a smartphone but packs a big punch. Not only will it charge all your electronic gadgets, including cameras, smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth devices. It will also jump start your motorcycle. This mighty miniature jump starter can even jump start a V6 truck.

The full line of antigravity batteries and jump starters is available from Adventure Designs at competitive prices and will ensure that you'll never run out of power, no matter where you are or how long you're on the road. Browse our complete selection online and contact us if you have any questions.