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Hot Weather Cooling Gear

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2021 Induction Mesh Warm Weather Jacket by Klim
Price: $349.99
Marrakesh Comfort Motorcycle Pant by Klim. Available in Gray and Black
Price: $349.99
PRE-ORDER Marrakesh Comfort Motorcycle Jacket CE Certified by Klim. Available in Black, Gray, Asphalt Hi-Vis, and Burnt Olive Redrock
Price: $369.99
Evaporative Cooling Neck Guard by Techniche HyperKewl. Available in Silver or Black
Price: $21.99
PRE-ORDER FEB / MAR Klim Vented Warm Weather Sock
Price: $19.99
Hoback GTX GoreTex Packable Sun Shade Hat by Klim. Available in Gray, Black and Camo
Price: $69.99
Tek Neck Sok by Klim Available in 4 Colors
Price: $21.99
PRE-ORDER FEB / MAR Klim Aggressor Cool 1.0 Long Sleeve Base Layer
Price: $59.99
PRE-ORDER FEB / MAR Aggressor Cool 1.0 Short Sleeve Shirt by Klim Available in Camo & Light Gray Camo
Price: $49.99
Klim Aggressor Cool 1.0 Sleeveless Shirt Top
Price: $39.99
Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Pants
Price: $59.99
Aggressor Cool 1.0 Briefs by Klim Available in Camo & Light Gray Camo
Price: $39.99
Helite Free-Air Vented Mesh Airbag Motorcycle Jacket with Windproof / Waterproof Liner Available in Hi-Viz & Black + FREE SHIP
Price: $939.00
Induction Glove by Klim
Price: $129.99
Badlands Aero Pro Short Glove by Klim
Price: $149.99
Mojave Glove by Klim Medium Gray
Price: $34.99
Dakar Pro Glove with Smart Device Functionality by Klim
Price: $69.99
Klim Dakar Glove by Klim
Price: $39.99
Transition Mid-Layer Pant in Black, Grey or Green by Klim
Price: $129.99
PRE-ORDER Dakar Pant Over the Boot by Klim 2021
Price: $229.99
Mojave Warm Weather Pant by Klim
Price: $199.99
Mojave Warm Weather In The Boot Pants by Klim
Price: $169.99
Mojave Pro Warm Weather Glove with MULT-E-TOUCH by Klim
Price: $64.99