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Motorex Premium Lubricants and Chemicals
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In business for close to a century, Motorex is the largest independent crude oil refinery in Switzerland, with its USA division headquartered in Minnesota. Motorex develops innovative lubricants and chemicals for performance motorcycles. Motorex Lubricants and Chemicals are available at Adventure Designs, which carries several types of Motorex synthetic motor oil, brake fluid, power brake clean spray, chain clean degreaser, synthetic chain lube off-road formula, chain lube formula for on road, a complete chain care kit and much more. The Motorex Road Chain Lube 56ml in Refillable Can contains enough lube for several lube sessions. Simply refill this 56ml can before your next ride. Motorex Road Chain Lube features a special white, wear-reducing lubricant with strong adhesion for any motorcycle chain, especially X-ring and O-ring chains. See the full range of Motorex products sold at ADV Designs.
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Motorex Boxer 4T 5W-40 JASO MA2 for BMW Liquid Cooled R1250GS/A, R1200GS/A, R1200RT
Price: $23.95
Motorex Boxer 4T Synthetic 15W/50 Motor Oil for BMW Oil Cooled R1200GS/A and R1200RT
Price: $23.95
Motorex Top Speed 4T Modern Synthetic Motor Oil Choose 15/W50, 10/W30, or 10/W40
Price: $18.95
PRE-ORDER Motorex KTM Racing 4T Fully Synthetic 20W/60 Motor Oil 4 Liters
Price: $125.50
Motorex Brake Fluid DOT-4 and DOT-5.1
Price: $12.50
Motorex Power Brake Clean Spray
Price: $17.95
Motorex Adventure Chain Lube Spray 500ml
Price: $20.95
Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser
Price: $15.95
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Off Road Formula
Price: $16.95
Motorex Offroad Chain Lube 56ml in Refillable Can
Price: $8.95
Motorex Synthetic Chain Lube Road Formula
Price: $16.95
Motorex Helmet Care Cleaning Foam
Price: $13.95
Motorex Protex Textile Waterproofing Spray 500 ML
Price: $21.95
Premium Oil Change Maintenance Kit for BMW R1250GS/A LC 2019+ and R1200GS/A LC 2013+
Reg Price: $104.73
Sale Price: $94.25
Premium Oil Change Maintenance Kit for BMW R1200GS 2005-2012 and R1200GSA 2006-2013
Reg Price: $104.73
Sale Price: $94.25