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Adaptiv Technologies

Let's face it: Most of us get a little carried away with the power and speed of our bikes at one time or another. Thatís why Adventure Designs carries a full line of products made by Adaptive Technologies. These high-quality motorcycle radar detectors and accessories can quickly return your investment in the form of fewer speeding and traffic tickets, and reduced insurance costs.
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Adaptiv TPX Pro Radar and Laser Detection System with Heads Up Visual Alert P-01-01
Price: $399.99
TPX Wireless Headset
Price: $70.00
Spare TPX Visual Alert
Price: $45.00
TPX Automotive Mount
Price: $29.00
TPX Radar Detector Universal Mount Adapter
Price: $19.00
Adaptiv TPX Replacement Wiring Harness A-05-01
Price: $35.00
Adaptiv Technologies TPX 12V USB Power Supply A-05-05
Price: $25.00
Adaptiv Technologies TPX Bluetooth Transmitter A-05-04
Price: $55.00
Adaptiv Skinny Bar Mount D-01-18
Price: $85.00
Adaptiv Technologies TPX Auto Dash Mount A-05-06
Price: $29.00
Adventure Designs carries a broad line of products from Adaptive Technologies, including the Adaptiv Technologies TPX radar detector. Built specifically for motorcycle use, this high-end radar detector can do it all. It detects all police radar and laser bands and provides visual alerts as well as optional audio alerts. Easy to install, it comes with a quick-release mounting plate for safekeeping.

In addition to the TPX motorcycle radar detector, Adventure Designs carries a deep inventory of accessories, including wireless headsets, mounts, USB power supplies and more. Browse our website and contact us if you have any questions.