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Air Filters

With your motorcycle, tune-ups and maintenance should be more than just a part of your everyday routine - they should be an opportunity to help your bike run like it's brand new. Air filters are a key component of any motorcycle owner's garage. At Adventure Designs, we know that finding the best brand often means overpaying - and that's why we've tried every brand and every design to find filters that combine affordability with the quality you need and want for your bike.
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HiFlo Filtro Air Filter for Motorcycles
Price: $13.40
K&N Air Filter BMW R1250 and R1200 Liquid Cooled Motorcycles BM-1113
Reg Price: $98.99
Sale Price: $89.09
K&N BMW R1200 Air Filter
Reg Price: $97.99
Sale Price: $88.19
K&N BMW F800 High Performance Air Filter BM-8006
Reg Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.99
K&N BMW 1150 High Performance Air Filter BM-0400
Reg Price: $102.99
Sale Price: $92.69
K&N KTM 1190 Adventure High Performance Air Filter KT-1113
Reg Price: $97.99
Sale Price: $88.19
K&N KTM 990 Adventure High Performance Air Filter KT-9907
Reg Price: $114.99
Sale Price: $103.49
K&N Air Filter Recharger and Cleaning Kit 99-5050
Price: $17.99
UNI Foam Air Filter for BMW F800GS, F700GS, and F650GS Twin Motorcycles
Price: $45.95
UNI Foam Filter Oil and Filter Cleaner
Price: $24.95
Choose from K&N's classic designs for your KTM and BMW motorcycles, with filters for older models and the latest bikes to outfit your entire fleet. Each K&N filter will do more than simply collect dirt and debris before entering your motor. These filters actually increase horsepower to help your bike reach its potential on every ride. Our HiFlo filters are specially designed for any extreme biking activity, passed through 16 separate quality control checks to ensure that every filter that leaves the warehouse is up to HiFlo and Adventure Designs' standards.