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Adventure Designs doesn't carry every product, just the ones that are worth owning for adventure-touring and dual-sport riders, like this selection of Arai helmets. Through three generations of family leadership, Arai has built a reputation for high-quality helmets with innovative features and unbeatable comfort. At Adventure Designs, we picked the best of the Arai lineup with the adventure-touring rider and dual-sport enthusiast in mind. These are the Arai helmets that work best for riders of motorcycles such as the BMW R1200GS, KTM 990 Adventure and others that combine an upright riding position with the ability to go into rugged off-road terrain or munch miles on the highway at speed. If your motorcycle has a performance envelope that wide, we think your helmet should, too.

That's why we carry these specific Arai helmet models chosen from the company's much larger line. The Arai XD4 is the latest version of the helmet that set the standard for riders who didn't want to have to choose between an off-road motocross helmet and a bullet-shaped street helmet, but instead wanted the best of both worlds in one lid. The Arai Corsair V and RX-Q helmets lack some of the XD4's features that are inspired by off-road helmets, but they still are shaped and designed to work best in the upright riding position of dual-sport and adventure-touring motorcycles. They provide the best aerodynamic shape and are a good choice for riders who spend most of their time on asphalt or do a lot of high-speed highway riding.

Whichever model you choose, and whether you decide on a solid color or one of the new graphics, you'll get the same Arai quality and comfort that have made the company name synonymous with excellence in motorcycle helmets.
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Arai XD-4 Replacement Visor FaceShield with Fog Resistant Coating Available in Clear, Light Tint, and Dark Tint
Price: $74.55
Arai PRO SHADE Extra Long Shade Replacement Smoked
Price: $34.45
Pinlock Earplugs : New Generation Hearing Protection
Price: $24.99