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KaokoŽ Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your Bike
Price: $139.95

Constantly keeping the throttle open can be tiring. When you're on the open road and want to take your hand off of the gas, you should be able to do so. But without a Kaoko friction cruise control unit, you won't have a choice. A Kaoko cruise control system takes the duty off of the driver to maintain a given speed, and instead, takes it upon itself. That can be quite a relief, especially during a long cruise.

Our friction-based cruise control systems fit a number of bike brands such as BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki and numerous other manufacturers-the compatibility list is extensive. You'll also find a selection of Kaoko cruise controls for BMW that is designed to be handguard-specific. Installation of a Kaoko unit is quick and simple. Even riders that are mechanically inept will be able to install this accessory with few, if any, hassles. Using the friction control cruise control system is equally easy-you'll be able to turn it on and off with a flick of your fingers.