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End the messy frustration of overspills and extra cleanup responsibilities by purchasing the Risk Racing Gas Can with Flow Control 2-In-1 Auto Shut-Off / Bender at Adventure Designs. The Flow Control is a universal gas can spout that is made with a preventer for fuel tank overflow and unintentional spilling when making entry and exit from the fuel tank. The Flow Control provides overflow protection by employing a patent-pending float valve that automatically closes and seals the gas can when the fuel level in the tank reaches full. That means no more having to make an educated guess about when that tank is actually filled up. Instead, you can count on a topped-off fuel tank every time. The Risk Racing Flow Control, which comes fully assembled, also contains a spout-bending feature that has a cap and lanyard system which keeps the float valve protected during storage, and bends the spout to just the right pour angle when it is employed.
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Lock-N-Load Pro Strapless Moto Transport System by Risk Racing
Price: $299.99
Risk Racing Hose Bender Premium Utility Gas / Fuel Jug Spout
Price: $19.99
Risk Racing EZ3 Utility Jug 3 Gallon
Price: $39.99
Risk Racing EZ5 Utility Jug 5 Gallon
Price: $49.99
Risk Racing EZ Utility Jug Floor Mount
Price: $24.99