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Winter Gloves

Feel the glove and shut out the cold when you ride your motorcycle in wintry conditions with the selection of winter gloves from Klim and FirstGear available at Adventure Designs. Gloves that are heated and waterproof are part of the Adventure Designs inventory. FirstGear Warm and Safe Heated Carbon Gloves will keep fingers from getting cold or, even worse, going numb by offering heating throughout the entire glove, while maintaining the thin design of a summer glove. Plugging directly into the jacket liner, the heated carbon gloves permit riders to adjust the temperature of the gloves independently of the jacket with a Dual Heat-troller. The Klim Inversion Windstopper Glove has a special grip that has been designed so that it will not bunch up on the driver and it has reinforced palm overlays and a micro-injected wrist strap with an adjustable Velcro® closure made to fit snugly. Klim Caldera High Performance Waterproof Winter Gloves have high-impact protection for the knuckles and a design that eliminates material movement on the palm.

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 Vanguard GTX Water Proof Long Glove with Mult E Touch by Klim
Price: $149.99
 PRE-ORDER 2-4 Weeks Adventure GTX Water-Proof Short Glove by Klim
Price: $179.99
Badlands GTX Long Water-Proof Glove by Klim. Available in Gray, Black, and Sage
Price: $249.99
 Fusion Winter Water-Proof Gore-Tex Long Glove by Klim
Price: $139.99
Vanguard GTX Short Glove by Klim
Price: $129.99
Klim Inversion Pro Gloves
Price: $89.99
Klim Powerxross Glove
Price: $99.99
Klim Inversion Gloves
Price: $49.99
Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves With I-Touch and Carbon Fiber Protection by Firstgear Warm and Safe
Price: $169.95
FirstGear Warm and Safe Heated Gloves with I-Touch - Mens
Price: $169.95
FirstGear Warm and Safe Heated Gloves with I-Touch - Womens
Price: $169.95
FirstGear Warm and Safe Heated Glove Liner - Unisex
Price: $89.95
DC Coax Plug Long Splitter Y-Harness for Heated Gloves by Warm and Safe Firstgear
Price: $16.95