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AirHawk Seat Cushions

Stock motorcycle seats are notorious for feeling OK on the showroom floor than when you ride for an hour or two they become extremely uncomfortable. Airhawk comfort seat cushions are a economical and universal way to achieve better comfort on your motorcycle. They install in seconds and are easy on and off. Airhawk comfort cushions also can be moved from bike to bike depending on your needs or riding duration.
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AirHawk2 R Comfort Seat Pad. Longer Rides Start Here Choose Standard or Small
Price: $117.95
Airhawk 2 Dual Sport Comfort Seat Cushion Air Pad
Price: $117.95
AirHawk 2 Comfort Seat Cushion Size Medium. Longer Rides Start Here
Price: $117.95
AirHawk 2 Comfort Seat Cushion Size Small. Longer Rides Start Here
Price: $117.95
Airhawk 2 Pillion Passenger Comfort Seat Cushion.  Longer Rides Start Here
Price: $109.95
The Airhawk line is the latest version of the Airhawk seat cushion. These seat cushions keep you comfortable because you're literally riding on air. The patented construction of the Airhawk pad allows the air to move from one cell to the other which evens your weight on the seating surface and totally eliminates pressure points that become painful on long rides. The Airhawk also improves your comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations.

The internal air bladder of the Airhawk is covered with a stretch material with vented sides. This allows air to flow through the cover, so unlike with gel pads or foam, moisture can be wicked away to keep you cooler and more comfortable.

For optimal comfort, inflate your Airhawk seat cushion just enough to keep you from touching the motorcycle seat. This ensures the air can flow from cell to cell inside the Airhawk and it also minimizes the additional height you'll add to your seat.

The Airhawk easily attaches to your stock seat with elastic straps and a non-slip material on the bottom of the cushion also helps keep it in place. The attachment straps also make it quick and easy to remove the cushion so you can leave it at home on short rides or store it in a secure saddlebag when the motorcycle is parked unattended.

Choose from three different sizes to fit the saddle of your motorcycle or a smaller passenger seat area. If you're not sure which Airhawk II is the best fit for your motorcycle, contact us and we'll help you pick out the best choice.