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ProMoto Billet Fastway Pegs

For a top-notch performance peg with better comfort and more traction control, look for Fastway Pegs like the EVO F3 Series Performance Pegs with Lowering Option and the ProMoto Billet. These pegs are compatible with most BMW bikes, as well as Suzukis, Yamahas, KTWs and Husqvarnas bikes. Both models of Fastway Pegs are available for purchase from Adventure Designs.
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PRE-ORDER ProMoto Billet Fastway Evolution 4 Wide Adventure Footpegs with Lowering Option by Pro Moto Billet
Price: $149.95
PRE-ORDER Adventure Comfort  Footpegs with Lowering Option by Fastway ProMoto Billet
Price: $255.95
Fastway Pegs are adjustable foot pegs that provide strength and reliability, as well as more comfort and reassuring security while riding. Made of 17/4 stainless steel, Fastway Performance Pegs have patented teeth for maximum control, a large platform, replaceable cleats, and an adjustable grip, height and setup so you can mold the pegs to suit each individual rider. These 58 mm wide pegs are suited for either standard or lowboy arrangements, with collars and teeth that are reversible. The height is also customizable. Adventure Designs offers fast shipping and a guarantee of complete customer satisfaction. Order your Fastway Pegs today to ensure a more comfortable and safer ride.