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Cruise Controls & Throttle Assists

A long ride can be made a lot easier and less strenuous for the motorcycle driver with cruise controls available at Adventure Designs from such brands as Kruz Locker, Kaoko and Go Cruise. Kruz Locker makes cruise controls for several BMW models and offers quick-action throttle locking with less than a quarter of a turn. Kruz Locker clicks on and off with a positive feel and can really reduce strain on the driver's hand and wrist during extended rides along the highway, enabling the driver to ride longer and maintain a better feel for braking. Kaoko makes cruise controls for several BMW models as well as a universal system that is compatible with most motorcycles. Easy to install, the Kaoko cruise control systems take less than five minutes to fit, are easy to operate even while wearing thick winter gloves, significantly cuts down on the strain and fatigue on wrists and hands and require very little maintenance. The Go Cruise Throttle Control, re-engineered for improved performance, evenly spreads stress throughout the structure and boasts a proprietary polymer blend material and revised architecture for even better grip, strength and durability than previous Go Cruise generations.

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Go Cruise 2 Aluminum Universal Motorcycle Throttle Assist Cruise Control
Price: $32.95
Go Cruise Throttle Assist Cruise Control Composite
Price: $19.99
KaokoŽ Friction Cruise Control for Most Motorcycles ***Please Select Your Bike
Price: $139.95
Crampbuster CB2 Wide Wrist Relief Throttle Rocker
Reg Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.76
Crampbuster CB4 Oversize Wide Wrist Relief Throttle Rocker
Reg Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.76