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Tips for Securing and Powering Your Phone GPS or other Device to Your Motorcycle

Tips for Securing and Powering Your Phone GPS or other Device to Your Motorcycle

Chad from talks about the best way to mount his GPS, Cell Phone and other electronic items on the handlebars of his motorcycle. This "favorite set-up" has only come after lots and lots of trial and error... Here are the parts talked about in this video: Ram Mount X-Grip Ram Mount 8mm Through Ball Ram U-bolt Mount Powerlet Rigid To Cig Adapter Flush Mount USB Power Port iPhone 5 Cord iPhone 3G and 4S Cord We hope this has helped you get powered up. Until next time, take care and ride safe. Cheers, Chad and the Adventure Designs Team
Keep your cell phone or GPS powered and within each reach on your motorcycle by using the right accessories. The RAM X-Grip mount is one of the most dependable cell phone and GPS mounts on the market, allowing you to ride in comfort without the worry of your device coming lose or falling. The mount connects easily to your bike's handlebar and is compatible with all shapes and sizes of modern smartphones. It can also accommodate cell phone cases of all types.

The RAM X-Grip mount works with a spring action arm. Simply spring open the cell phone holder, line up your phone and allow the arms to grip your phone and hold it securely while you ride. The X-Grip is compatible with a wide variety of mount setups including RAM mounts, U-bolt mounts and more.

For installation near the center of your bike's handlebars, ADV Designs recommends a RAM mount. The X-grip attaches using a special ball with a hole drilled through the center. Several arm lengths are available including short arms and longer 2-inch arms. Both lengths are articulating so you can angle your phone or GPS device at just the right angle for you.

For installation on either side of your bike's handlebars, a U-bolt mount should be used. Choose the correct U-bolt size for your bike and mount as normal. Be sure to adjust your phone or GPS device before riding to get the correct viewing angle. Once installed, the X-Grip will hold your device securely without any additional adjustments or tightening necessary.

If your device requires power, there's an adapter for that too. Plug your adapter (or adapters if you're riding an imported design like a BMW) into the bike's outlet near the center of the handlebars and then insert your charging cable or power cable into the adapter and into your phone or GPS device. The X-Grip leaves most of the sides, top and bottom of your phone open so it's easy to insert a power cord. Using a shorter cord or wrapping your longer cord around the handlebar helps reduce accidents and improve safety.

Order your X-Grip cell phone holder and any necessary adapters from ADV Designs for the best selection and lowest prices. We offer fast shipping on all motorcycle accessories.