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DoubleTake Mirrors for Off Road Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycling

DoubleTake Mirrors for Off Road Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycling

Chad of Adventure Designs talks about why the DoubleTake mirrors are his favorite motorcycle mirrors.
If you're tired of breaking mirrors during your off road adventures, the DoubleTake Mirror system may be right for you. During off road adventures it's not uncommon for stock or OEM mirrors to become loose or to break off completely. This can leave you without a mirror for your ride home, which can be dangerous. DoubleTake Mirrors are designed to replace OEM or stock mirrors and their adjustable design helps prevent damage while off-roading so you can get more enjoyment out of your bike.

ADV Designs carries 2 types of DoubleTake Mirror kits. One kit is for BMW threaded adapters and the other kit is for allotter brands of bikes. Choose the kit that matches your bike for the best fit. DoubleTake Mirrors work on dual sport or fully off road bikes and are great for large adventure touring bikes like the water cooled BMW R1200GS.

The mirrors use a simple RAM ball mount. Installation takes seconds and the mirrors come off as easily as they go on so you can choose to fully remove them for your ride or just move them in. Some riders also like the fully upright position so they can see over their shoulder. The fully adjustable design allows you to position your mirrors how you like them while you off road and then reposition them for the ride home. To remove the mirrors, just twist the RAM mount knob and pop them off.

DoubleTake Mirrors employ a 3-part system and all parts are included in the mirror kits. Each kit comes with 2 BMW or non-BMW threaded balls, 2 arms and 2 mirror assemblies so you can add a side mirror to each side of your motorcycle. Mirrors are the standard round shape. Arms are available in 3-inch or 5-inch lengths, though the 5-inch length is slightly more expensive.

DoubleTake Mirrors are the best mirrors for dual sport motorcycles on the market. The adjustable design, quality construction and easy installation makes these side mirrors superior to OEM styles and are a must-have accessory for any off road or dual sport bike.