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Double Take Mirror Explanation and Video Installation

When we were kids, we loved playing with action figures that had more points of articulation. If a toy soldier's arms rotated only at the shoulder, or their leg rotated only at the hip, they were harder to play with, because they would look like zombies. Once those toys put points of articulation at the elbow and wrist, or at the knee and ankle, they got much more fun to play with, because they could be posed more realistically.

Double Take Mirror Explanation and Video Installation

Kyle Bradshaw discusses the benefits of the Double Take mirrors and shows the Installation.

It's amazing how the same principles apply to adventure motorcycle mirrors. Sure, your friends may joke about your adventure motorcycle and call it your toy. But you picked that ride for its perfect combination of on-road performance and off-road handling, and you want the best parts possible for your adventure.

The Doubletake Mirror is the perfect aftermarket upgrade for your rear-view mirrors.

Each Doubletake Mirror features two ball mounts on the arm, which means that you can place your mirrors exactly where you like them. Most mirrors rotate in one plane on the base and on another plane at the mirror, which makes finding the perfect rear view tricky. And if those mirrors get banged around in the course of an off-road expedition, it's tough to put them back where they go. The Doubletake's dual ball mounts give you freedom in all directions, and their fixtures make them easy to adjust. And if you're ready to go completely off-road, they simply fold out of the way.

As for getting bumped around - the Doubletake Mirror is built to handle whatever hits it. The housing is made from indestructible Zytel, a nylon resin. In the event of an off-road tip-over, you won't have to worry about your mirrors. And installation is as simple as using a single wrench.

Tough materials, intelligent adjustment and extreme flexibility make Doubletake Mirrors one of the best upgrades you can make to your adventure motorcycle. Available in a number of lengths and mirror shapes, you'll find the perfect mirror for the way you ride.