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Hex-Pro Metric Hex Set (6 Piece)

Hex-Pro Metric Hex Set (6 Piece)Hex-Pro Metric Hex Set (6 Piece)Hex-Pro Metric Hex Set (6 Piece)
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Item#   HP6-IC-10

Reg Price: $78.99
Sale Price: $71.05
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The Hex Pro wrenches are similar in proportion to a common L-angle Allen wrench, but with one important difference- there is a pivot at the place where a solid 90 degree bend used to be! Because of this, the Hex Pro wrenches can reach tight areas like a ball end wrench, but you can employ higher torque without damaging the tool or the fastener. Also, instead of removing the tool and repositioning it if you come up against an obstacle, you simply flip the pivot over! You will be amazed at what a difference this small change makes. Hex Pro wrenches are made from heat treated alloy tool steel, and have a chrome plated finish for durability and a high quality look. Each set comes with a handy storage pouch to keep them organized.

This tool set is amazing. It is extremely compact and well made. This hex set is a rally favorite and one of our bestsellers. I have even used the Torx T50 wrench to remove the rear wheel on my 1200GSA. It fits perfectly into the rear wheel hub. These wrenches are very sturdy. If you break it during normal use we will replace it for free (we have had no failures to date!)

* 180 degree swivel head with extra long handle for accessing hard to reach places
* Kit includes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 mm wrenches
* Pivot design allows for easy rotation around obstructions
* Pivot design allows you to keep the wrench and fastener engaged when access is limited
* Great time saver
* Heat treated alloy tool steel
* Chrome plated finish
* Includes heavy duty folding canvas storage pouch
* Takes up less storage space than a typical hex key set

Also available in Torx and SAE
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