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Kawasaki Pivot Pegz Mark 3

Kawasaki Pivot Pegz Mark 3 are the latest and finest innovation that riders can find in foot pegs for their motorcycles. Made to fit Kawasaki KLR 650 PP-26MK3 (1987-2012), KLX, KX, Versys, KXF and KDX models, the Pivot Pegz Mark 3 offer a mega wide platform with an exceptional grip pattern and pivoting action that is spring loaded so load distribution is well balanced, grip is great and the level of fatigue that riders experience in their knees and ankles is reduced by a huge degree. Your riding boots will appreciate these pegs as much as your legs do, because they won't take nearly as much of a beating with the patented pivot design. These pegs almost end up being customized to each individual rider because of the way they actively track with the motion of the rider's foot to provide superior grip and load distribution. High performance pegs like this are hard to top, and they are both race proven and guaranteed for life. Check them out at Adventure Designs and get your order delivered with fast shipping.

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Pivot Pegz Kawasaki 1987-2012 KLR 650 PP-26MK3
Price: $189.00
Pivot Pegs Kawasaki KLX, KX, Versys, KXF and KDX Motorcycles
Price: $169.95