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KTM Pivot Pegz Mark 3

KTM Pivot Pegz Mark 3 for dirt bikes are available at Adventure Designs. A unique spring-loaded pivoting action that works backward and forward to actively improve grip, comfort and control separates Pivot Pegz from other foot pegs, and their design also reduces foot and ankle fatigue. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Pivot Pegz are formed by investment casting using high-strength aerospace-grade stainless steel before being CNC machined and double heat treated. These pegs actively track with the motion of the rider's foot for better grip and more balanced load distribution. The Pivot Pegz mega wide 60mm platform pivots and opens up access to the lower controls. Mud packing in the peg is also reduced, and you can actually extend the life of your riding boots with Mark 3 KTM Pivot Pegs because the pivoting action will not wear out your soles as quickly as conventional pegs. Mark 3 Pivot Pegz are made for KTM 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke models, including LC4 and Adventurer.

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Pivot Pegz MK4 for KTM 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Models Including LC4 and Adventurer
Price: $189.00