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KTM Wheel Balancer- Made in USA

KTM Wheel Balancer- Made in USA KTM Wheel Balancer- Made in USA KTM Wheel Balancer- Made in USA
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Item#   KTMFZBBalancer

Steel Wheel Weights, 12 1/4 oz (7g) segments. Choose Black or Silver
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Price: $115.00
KTM Wheel Balancer- Made in USA

This Wheel Balancer fits all KTM motorcycles WITHOUT the longer 30mm Axle. Most KTM's do not have a 30mm axle. In order to determine the size of your axle you will need to measure it at the retaining screw or nut end. An easy way to measure it with it still on the bike is to remove the retaining screw or nut from the end of the axle and measure the diameter of the hole in the fork leg where the axle comes through. 30mm is 1.181" or approximately 1 3/16". If the hole is smaller then you don't have a 30mm axle. If you do not have a 30mm axle then this FZB balancer is the correct one for your bike.

There can be a tremendous savings when installing tires yourself. Tires can be purchased at lower prices over the internet or by mail order as well as the savings that can be had by mounting and balancing them yourself. Besides that, you will know it has been done right.

One of the challenges encountered doing it yourself is being able to balance the wheel assembly easily and effectively. A motorcycle tire balancer is often expensive, takes up a lot of room and in the case of some KTM's, requires a special length which is available from the dealer at a premium price.

The KTM FZB Portable Motorcycle Wheel Balancer pictured above addresses all of these problems.

* Extremely accurate running on precision low friction shielded ball bearings.
* Simple to use. Comes with detailed setup and procedure instructions.
* DOES NOT require a Dealer supplied tools.
* Portable, it fits in your tool box drawer or tankbag.
* Durable, CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with a tool steel axle
* And cost effective.

Technical specs:

* Overall size - 12" x 1"
* Weight - Approx. 1 lbs
* Bearings - Double shielded ball bearings
* Axle - Tool Steel 12" x "
* Material - 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum

This KTM FZB Wheel Balancer Kit includes:

Two cones included with a 14" axle.

Don't forget to order wheel weights

Made in the USA