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Kruz Locker Video Overview and Installation on BMW R1200GSA

"Do they make cruise control for motorcycles?"

We get asked that question all the time. An average car driver may take cruise control for granted, but once they start shopping for a motorcycle, they remember how important it is for driving, especially when they think of those long roads they want to travel. They want to spend time enjoying the scenery, not dealing with a forearm cramp.

Kruz Locker Video Overview and Installation on BMW R1200GSA

Kyle Bradshaw of Adventure Designs explains the necessity of a cruise control or throttle lock and then shows the installation and function of the Cruz Locker. R1200GS / GSA Kruz Locker F800 and F650 Kruz Locker The Kruz Locker is truly an Instant On & Off motorcycle throttle lock that only requires less than a one quarter turn to activate It’s “click on, click off” feature provides a positive feel and positioning, taking the guess work out of setting the proper drag. In the “off position” the throttle has full spring return. In the “on position” the drag is preset and will hold the throttle position regardless of vibrations, temperature, expansion due to heated hand grips and rain. Easy to install and maintenance free, Kruz Locker is currently only available for 2006 and newer BMW's

A cramp is no simple annoyance. Adventure motorcyclists love to drive across the country, and when the pavement turns to dirt, they keep going. Limiting fatigue is important - keeping a motorcycle cruising down the highway requires a firm grip on the handlebars, easy reach of the brakes and using the wrist to maintain proper speed. Because they are on their way to rougher roads, they need to conserve strength to handle those trails, hills and other rugged terrain.

Most modern motorcycles now come with cruise control. Older motorcycles, however, don't always have it. At Adventure Designs, we have a solution for your BMW adventure motorcycle: the Kruz Locker.

This friction-type cruise control is the only instant-on, instant-off throttle lock on the market. While other designs rely on levers, clamps or locks, the Kruz Locker engages with less than a quarter turn to activate - the same motion you already use to accelerate. It is precision-made to allow for small adjustments, and holds tight no matter the weather or handlebar vibrations. And it easily switches off with a simple rotation in either direction, keeping you in control in case of an emergency.

Made in the U.S., the Kruz Locker is easy to install on your BMW R1200 GS. It installs easily with simple tools and comes with a shim for custom, precision adjustment. Its black finish perfectly matches your ride.

Adventure motorcyclists pick these types of modifications for a reason: they want the perfect combination of on-road handling and off-road performance. The Kruz Locker will reduce wrist strain and enhance braking feel. That means drivers can enjoy more of the road to their latest adventure, and enjoy it to the fullest once they arrive.