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Rugged Rear Locking Pillion Box for BMW R1200GSW and Adventure Motorcycles

Rugged Rear Locking Pillion Box for BMW R1200GSW and Adventure Motorcycles

Chad explains why Adventure Designs has made this Rear Locking Pillion Box.
Chad Olson of Adventure Designs discusses the Rugged Rear Locking Pillion Box for BMW R1200GSW and GSAW Liquid Cooled Motorcycles.

Check out the Pillion Box here:

A secure box that snaps in place of the pillion seat on the liquid cooled R1200GS and GSA bikes. Remove and replace the box as you would the seat: using the ignition key in the bike's seat lock. The box features a weather-protected combination lock that you can program with 3 digits. The latch can be used to secure the lid of the box with or without engaging the lock, making the box as handy as a tank bag, but very secure simply by scrambling the combination dial. Powder coated inside and out, the box is roughly 10"W x 9L x 3.25" deep with a capacity of 6 liters. The flat top is designed to have dry bags, tent, or other gear loaded on top as needed.

Carry your essential tools and personal items on your R1200GSW and GSAW in the OEM rear pillion position. Tucked away just behind the OEM BMW driver seat, the pillion toolbox is secure and out of the way, yet accessible by simply turning around and unlocking then box.

The toolbox is designed for the 2013 to current BMW R1200GSW and the 2014 and up R1200GSAW.

This locking box is constructed from alclad aircraft aluminum. It is manufactured using laser cutters, press brake folding equipment and professional welders to produce the best accessory toolbox yet for the awesome R1200GSW and GSAW Adventure motorcycles.

The toolbox is welded by hand. The door has tall edge gutters well suited to wet and dusty conditions. The mounting system consists tabs which utilize the OEM Pillion receptacles. The hinges are solid “harsh environment” units.

- Securely fits and locks essential items
- Ample space securely fits items like the Adventure Designs tool kit, tire repair kit, emergency first aid kit, tow strap etc.
- Top load door enables user to access more space in the box and to view and remove items quickly.
- Proudly made with care in the USA. True American craftsmanship is seen in the fabrication. In our opinion this box is part "work of art" and part essential GSA accessory.

Easy Installation:
- The box quickly and securely replaces the rear pillion seat providing you a convenient lockable storage area.