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MotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T Tire

MotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T TireMotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T TireMotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T TireMotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T Tire
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Price: $96.99
MotoZ Tractionator Desert H/T Tire

** Note and observe the 80mph speed rating M=130 Km/Hr

If you have a long ride ahead, and you know the conditions will be rough, Tractionator® is the right choice. Tractionator® is designed to handle harder terrain, especially hard trails, desert sand with hard pack variations and fast rocky conditions. Its unique patented tread design handles off camber sections to help climb out of ruts and hard braking at extreme lean angles. It is built very tough for desert race or multi day enduro tyre.

Note: This tyre has completed the Baja 1000 without a tyre change.

This is our most heavy duty tyre and is made for more open conditions such as long multi day trail tours, rally use or desert racing. It's had an overhaul since 2007 and is now 1kg ligher, making it an excellent tyre for adventure bikes and big bore enduro bikes with a 2.5 inch rim used in off road applications. This tyre has basically the same placing and spacing configuration of the 130/90-18 but the tread block sizes have been increased to handle more horse power and give longer wear. It also has a flatter CRS to bias the traction more to straight line hook up and high speed traction in loose terrain. Speed rating should be noted and observed if used on dual sport and adventure bikes.

The 130/90-18 will just fit in a KTM EXC without the need to remove the chain guard. Note the 140/80-18 is not recommended for enduro bike except in safari use.

Designed for use in the following conditions:
- 95% Dry - 5% Wet
- 90% Hard - 10% Soft

Sizes Available:
- Front 90/100-21 DOT - Front 90/90-21 DOT
- Rear 110/90-19 DOT
- Rear 110/100-19 DOT
- Rear 130/80-17 DOT
- Rear 130/90-18 DOT
- Rear 140/80-18 DOT
- Rear 150/70-18 DOT

Our Terrapactor® (terrain compactor) innovation works with the terrain to increase traction by primarily compressing and wedging the terrain rather than traditional off road tyres that primarily dislodge the terrain and throw it behind the bike.