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Neutrino Black Box and Cockpit App Installation and Demonstration

With the Neutrino Black Box and Cockpit App, complex wiring and fuses are a thing of the past. The intelligent device controller is designed to manage and distribute power over up to six circuits, allowing you to control everything from heated gear to auxiliary lighting using your smartphone as the interface. In this video, Adventure Designs owners Chad and Karsten Olson meet with Neutrino Black Box creator Dan Grasatti to discuss this revolutionary electronic device and what it can do for your motorcycle.
Neutrino Black Box and Cockpit App Installation and Demonstration

Chad and Karsten Olson meet up with Dan Grasatti, creator of the Neutrino Black Box to discuss the features and benefits of the remarkable electronic device. The Neutrino replaces fuses, switches, thermostats, knobs, buttons and more... It truly is the most user friendly way to add and manage any electrical accessory on your motorcycle.
In addition to its new-age power distribution, the Neutrino Black Box replaces fuses, switches, knobs and other traditional control methods with a series of circuit breakers that are programmable and self-resetting. Using the free app for your smartphone, you can set how much power you want to go to each device. When the power exceeds this amount, the system automatically shuts the circuit down and sends you a notification. This allows you to quickly diagnose and fix problems while protecting your devices from damage.

Our comprehensive video guide covers everything you need to know about the Neutrino Black Box, from the tools needed for installation to fixing a short circuit. Learn from the man behind the device where to install it on your motorcycle, how to test connections, how to add accessories and the best way to label circuits. Chad, Karsten and Dan explain it all in terms that anyone can follow, so even riders who aren't veteran mechanics can install and use the device.

Motorcycle power management has taken a huge leap forward with this incredible system, and our installation and demonstration video will get you started with your bike. Order your Neutrino Black Box with Cockpit App today with fast worldwide shipping, and make sure to call or email our expert staff if you have questions. You can also learn how to install and use many other motorcycle products by visiting our Installation Videos page.