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Continental TKC 70 Adventure FRONT Tire

Continental TKC 70 Adventure FRONT Tire
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Item#   TKC-70-FRONT
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Reg Price: $252.95
Sale Price: $79.99
Buy A Pair Of TKC80's or TKC 70's and receive 3 Year Complimentary Flat Tire Change or Towing Up to 150 Miles at no Charge.

Continental TKC 70 Adventure FRONT Tire

The new Continental TKC 70 combines the best of the TKC 80 off-road tire and the ContiTrail Attack 2 on-road Adventure Tire. This is achieved through a multi-grip tread design featuring a zero degree belting and super rain grip. Handmade in Germany, the Continental TKC 70 offers riders superior traction and the versatility to switch from on-road riding to off-road riding without a second thought. What you can expect from this tire is as follows: 

- Brand new Conti-tire with rugged off-road capability and a balanced street performance.
- It's only trail-tire with a radial design constructed for off-road use as well as on-road use.
- TKC 70 is positioned for 60 percent on-road and 40 percent off-road use.
- A unique tread block pattern makes the Continental TKC 70 quiet and stable on the road, while still providing good off-roading capability.
- Agile on streets and safe on gravel roads.
- MultiGrip: Continental's own semi-dual compound technology allows different levels of hardness on the central tread and shoulder area for more mileage and improved grip.
- RainGrip: New compound with outstanding grip in wet weather conditions and a very short warm-up phase.
- The 0° steel belted construction guarantees high stability and a low kickback.

Check out this customer video to see the Continental TKC 70 in action: