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Suzuki Pivot Pegz Mark 3

With Suzuki Pivot Pegz Mark 3 available at Adventure Designs, you can outfit your Suzuki dirt bike with first-class aftermarket foot pegs with a mega wide 60mm platform that will fit V-Strom 650, V-Strom 1000, RMZ, RMX, RM, DRZ, and DR motorcycles from Suzuki. Made from solid aerospace grade stainless steel, precision-built Suzuki Pivot Pegz are strong and durable and will save a lot of wear and tear on your ankles and knees, which will not fatigue nearly as quickly with these pegs. And, an added benefit is that your riding boots will also be spared the kind of wear and tear that might precipitate more frequent need for replacement when you use conventional foot pegs. Suzuki Pivot Pegz' pivoting design is flexible enough to be a lot less harsh on both your body and your boots. The peg will also have noticeably less mud packing, and grip and load distribution will be a lot better than what you're probably used to, as well.

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Pivot Pegz Suzuki 2004-2012 V-Strom 650 V-Strom 1000
Price: $189.00
Pivot Pegz Suzuki RMZ RMX RM DRZ DR Motorcycles (See Chart)
Price: $189.00