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SW Motech Heavy Duty Kobra Hand Guards BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure

Part of the thrill of motorcycling is the ability to reach out and touch nature. Once you get to your destination, you want to spend time feeling the dirt.

SW Motech Heavy Duty Kobra Hand Guards BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure

Installation of the Heavy Duty Kobra Hand Guards from SW-Motech for the BMW R1200GS

An unfortunate fact of life about adventure motorcycling: sometimes there are tumbles. Usually they happen at low speeds, as a result of trying to navigate around a challenging obstacle. But even before that, there's the journey to that remote, off-road destination. A strong pair of handguards will protect a driver's hands from chips, rocks, weather and other road debris.

When it comes to protecting hands, we love SW Motech's Heavy Duty Kobra Handguards. While the OEM handguards on the BMW R1200GS modes are excellent, they are made of a plastic that can crack after a bump or drop.

But not the Kobras. These have a tough aluminum spine anchoring the shock resistant plastic shell. The metal, which runs along the entire length of the bar, provides crucial protection for not only the handguard, but for the levers and hands behind it in the event of an accident.

The protective shells come with extensions, adding additional coverage for those who prefer it. You'll be able to whip through wind and rain, by tree branches and across any driving surface without threatening your hands. And each handguard can be equipped with LED indicators for better visibility and monitoring of turn signals.

The look of the Kobra handguards is fantastic. The angular design is futuristic eye candy, and the black finish looks incredible on virtually every motorcycle - especially the BMW R1200GS models. While a bit more challenging, installation can be done in a matter of minutes.

At Adventure Designs, we know these handguards do the job because we've tested them ourselves. We love adventure motorcycling as much as you do, and we are proud to provide the best equipment possible for your next expedition. SW Motech's Heavy Duty Kobra Handguards will quickly become one of your favorite upgrades for your ride.