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Neutrino Trigger Wire Installation R1200GS and GSA Liquid Cooled Motorcycles

A trigger wire is an essential part of any motorcycle's electrical or power management system. This simple part relays the message to a connecting device that it's time to power up - without it, your headlights, taillights or fancy GPS will be nothing more than useless hunks of plastic and metal. But working with electrical wires can be intimidating for beginners, which is why the Adventure Designs Team is pleased to offer this Neutrino Trigger Wire installation video.
Neutrino Trigger Wire Installation R1200GS and GSA Liquid Cooled Motorcycles

Karsten of Adventure Designs shows the "general installation" of a trigger wire on a 2013 R1200GSW Liquid Cooled. While this installation will be similar for a trigger wire for any accessory, this trigger wire was for our Neutrino Black Box which you can see more of here: Thank you for watching. Karsten & the Adventure Designs Team
Working with a 2013 BMW R1200GSA Liquid Cooled touring motorcycle, Adventure Designs co-owner Karsten Olsen takes you through each step of securely connecting a trigger wire to a taillight right in your own garage. From the initial install of the trigger wire around the brake light to using a volt meter to determine which wire to hook it to, the full process is explained using simple terminology and helpful visuals. In just over two minutes, you'll learn how to quickly do what might pages to explain in an owner's manual.

Better yet, the basic process for the Neutrino Trigger Wire and the BMW R1200GSA can be used to install almost any trigger wire on any dual-sport, touring or adventure motorcycle. Karsten is careful to note which steps are model-specific and how to do these steps on other bikes. If you're still feeling unsure about what to do, load the video up on your smartphone and take it out to the garage with you to follow along, or call our Northern California-based experts at 1-510-586-8447 for assistance.

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