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Waterproof Dry Bags

At Adventure Design, we only provide our customers with products we believe will enhance their riding enjoyment. Giant Loop has been redefining motorcycle luggage, and their waterproof dry bags are no exception. Design by riders for riders, the Giant Loop waterproof dry bags feature a polyurethane fabric and 100 percent waterproof welded seams, ensuring your gear stays dry. In addition, the bags feature two reflective daisy chains for simple attachment and increased visibility.
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Although designed to attach to Giant Loop's pannier motorcycle luggage, the waterproof dry bags attach easily to virtually any motorcycle make or model. Unlike similar bags, the Giant Loop waterproof bags feature double-ending openings for easy access to contents, and the built-in compression straps provide a more compact and stable load. In typical fashion, Giant Loop didn't only design waterproof storage, the company designed waterproof dry bags that are incredibly functional and convenient.