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DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors Introduction and Installation

DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors are one of the newest entries into the aftermarket motorcycle mirror market, and have received rave reviews for their tough construction and excellent rearview vision. But what sets them apart from OEM mirrors, or even from DoubleTake's original Enduro Mirrors? In this video, Adventure Designs co-owner Chad Olson shows you everything you need to know about these adjustable mirrors and how to install them on your motorcycle.
DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors Introduction and Installation

Chad from Adventure Designs introduces the new and improved Adventure DoubleTake mirror. This new mirror is a big improvement over the original Enduro Style DoubleTake mirror.
Born out of its founder's frustration from constantly replacing broken OEM motorcycle mirrors, DoubleTake mirrors are designed to stand up to the riding conditions of touring, dual-sport and adventure bike enthusiasts. As Chad explains, stock mirrors are prone to working themselves loose at high speeds or on rough terrain, and often won't stand up to an unexpected tip-over. The result is that you constantly have to either tighten your mirror assembly or shell out money for a new one.

DoubleTake Mirrors solve these problems by being built to absorb impact while also being easily adjustable to suit each rider's preferences. You can even flip the mirror in or remove it completely for protection when it's not needed. The Adventure Mirror improves on the tried-and-true Enduro Mirror with a larger size for improved vision, along with a style that better matches the aesthetics of larger adventure bikes. Its design is also more stable at high speeds for better cruising performance.

Installation of these aftermarket mirrors is incredibly easy, and the mounting ball screws into the same stock threaded hole as your OEM mirror. Chad demonstrates the simple three-step process, with the only necessary tools being a combo wrench and locking pliers. If you haven't yet added DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors to your bike, you can order them from us with your choice of arm lengths and mounting ball types. Make sure to check out our other installation videos for more great motorcycle tips and tricks.