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Giant Loop Luggage

At Adventure Designs, we are committed to providing our customers with only rider-tested and rider-approved products. When it comes to motorcycle luggage, Giant Loop has quickly become one of the most celebrated companies on the market, and we're proud to carry their innovative soft luggage products. Providing functional, convenient storage solutions without hindering the motorcycle's performance, Giant Loop luggage has quickly become a favorite of amateur and professional adventure motorcycling enthusiasts. Compared to conventional hard luggage systems, Giant Loop's adventure touring luggage typically saves riders 30 pounds of extra weight. The ability to carry luggage without impacting the motorcycle's performance is now enabling adventure riders to now go further than ever before.
Giant Loop Luggage
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Super rugged, lightweight, stable and intelligently designed, Giant Loop luggage includes motorcycle saddlebags, panniers, tank bags, handlebar bags and waterproof dry bags. Not only are the bags significantly lighter than hard luggage, the bags are also strategically designed to load weight where motorcycle engineers intended for bikes to carry it. Larger bags are designed with a biomorphic construction, meaning the weight loads around the subframe, eliminating broken mounting hardware, racks and bent boxes. The weight is also positioned closer to the middle of the bike, allowing for better handling and overall performance of the motorcycle.

When it comes to adventure touring luggage, toughness is an important consideration. Owned by adventure riders and designed for adventure riders, Giant Loop understands the demands of the trail and off-road adventure touring. Manufactured in the U.S., most of Giant Loop luggage is constructed of marine-grade specs and materials, ensuring the luggage can withstand the harshest environments. Every design of Giant Loop's product line undergoes rigorous testing by dirt bike, dual-sport and adventure touring motorcyclists to ensure their products function in the most demanding conditions.