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Men's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and Safe

Men's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and SafeMen's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and Safe
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Price: $199.95
Men's 12 Volt Heat Layer Shirt by Warm and Safe

More Control Over Warmth: High Tech, Moisture Wicking, Stretch Fabric

The 12V Heat Layer Shirt has been a project Warm & Safe has been working on for a few years to get it right. The Heat Layer Shirt has glove plugs built in, and can be used with the Single or Dual Remote Heat-troller. All Warm & Safe Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller™ Remote Control Heat-trollers. The Heat Layer has 7 areas of heat. The chest, arms, neck, upper back and lower back. Each zone adjusted for how it fits to the body.

The Heat Layer Shirt warms you in seconds, yet is designed to feel like part of you. The high tech, moisture wicking stretch fabric it's designed with keeps the garment tight against your body for optimal heat transfer while reducing bulk. The garment is durable, hand washable, and extremely lightweight. Warm & Safe delivers more heat in more places than any other garment. Warm & Safe uses 6~8 heat panels, insulated with 3M Thinsulate™. Warm & Safe's base layer garment design offers the greatest heat transfer performance with the least amount of bulk. Warm & Safe heat panels have soft and flexible alloy/silicon shaped for the maximum heat transfer. All this efficiency means less insulation and power is required to deliver and retain the desired heat to you BELOW your regular clothes instead of using more power to force heat through them. It is simply the most versatile, high tech and efficient heated garment ever designed. Packs into its included zippered pouch.

All Warm & Safe Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller.

Men's Heated-Neck Long Sleeve Heat Layer This version of the Heat Layer has 7 areas of heat. Two panels in the chest, two in the upper arms, a heated collar, one panel on the back and one on the lower back. It also has connections at the end of the sleeves for gloves or glove liners.

Warm & Safe Men's 12V Heat Layer Shirt numbers:
- 3.5 Amps
- 4.0 Ohms
- 48 Watts at 13.8V

Heat where you need it. Warm & Safe's panels are configured right where you want the heat to be for optimal heat transfer. Through rigorous testing, Warm & Safe hs developed two different panel placement patterns based on the two different male and female designs. It shouldn't be surprising that due to differences in shape and bodies, the optimal panel placements are different for men and women.

More control over the heat. How much warmth you need is dependent on multiple factors such as outside temperature and what layers you are wearing below or on top of the garment. Coupled with the Remote Heat-trollers, you have a true off and a true full on with 0~100% heat control via a dial.

Only the best goes in to the Heat Layer. High tech, wicking, stretch fabric construction with different cuts from men and women - 3M's Thinsulate (70-80 g/m2) - KK zippers & Alloy/Silicon "softheat" heating element - Connectors and wires rated to -40C;/-40F (for durability and longevity)

High Tech, moisture wicking stretch fabric. There is simply no better fabric out there for this type of garment. Like a fitted shirt, the stretch fabric keeps the garment, and most importantly the heat panel, flat against your body for the optimal heat transfer. This high level of heat transfer performance means less power/heat is needed to achieve that ideal warmth. Besides the fit, the fabric is designed for both comfort and to wick away any sweat or moisture. Users often note that besides feeling the heat, the garment fits so well you don't notice it's there.

Warm & Safe builds for longevity and durability. Warm & Safe have previous versions of their garments still full functional and in use after 20 years. Warm & Safe will repair or replace any problems with products within the first year.


Toasted Comfort
Thomas B. on Nov 27, 2018
I live in the N.E. and I have been riding in cold weather for over 43 years. I bought my first heated vest in the late 1980s. I currently own 3 heated vests (different manufacturers and years) and 3 heated jacket liners. I'll give them to you because I'm going to throw them all out! The new Warm&Safe Heated Shirt layer is so unbelievably comfortable, when worn next to the skin as designed, that nothing can be compared to it. The remote controlled heat envelopes you. Your chest, back and arms are all included. This is by far and without any doubt, the best 12V heated clothing technology and solution in the world today. No, I don't own stock in this company but I should. At 40 degrees, plus a 65 MPH windchill factor, I can ride all day, surrounded by totally remote controlled, heat relaxing, comfort. If you have heated grips and this shirt you will feel like you are in the comfort of your own living room. No joke or exaggeration. You will never regret this purchase and you will smile while other are heading for their garage!

kept me warm
Dominick on 29th May 2018
purchase 2 shirts. at this time no woman's size. Yolanda is wearing the shirt backwards to get the most heat. shirt works better than advertised. I would recommend this company.

Great Heated Gear
Andy on 26th Apr 2018
This liner fits well, is comfortable to wear, and heats up instantly. It's less bulky than my Gerbing jacket and will now be my go-to heated clothing.

Most Flexible method for W&S Comfort
David on 26 Apr 2018
When I left my house yesterday morning, it was about 62 deg and clear and sunny. I wore just the Heated Layer under my Held Carese II Jacket. Having previously moved the remote controller (receiver) from my W&S Jacket, I was able to easily control the amount of warmth delivered during the ride.
My friend Mike and I rode the famous Ortega Highway out to Lake Elsinore. About then, the temps had warmed up to the low 70s, so the remote controller was dialed down to off, and I remained in total comfort. On the return trip after lunch, with temps in the low 70s, I did not need to dial in any heat, and the “shirt” was very comfortable with vents opened on my Held jacket.
The #1 best attribute IMHO is that the shirt provided the benefits of heat when needed without the bulk of the W&S jacket under the Held jacket. Very comfortable. When we stopped for lunch, the shirt looked very nice. And, I was not wearing a jacket under my jacket and having to deal with stowing both! Supreme comfort. For the ride back, I did not need to find room to stow the no longer needed W&S jacket.
My fried Mike wore his heated jacket in the morning, then had to remove and store it at lunch, then had to decide if he might need it under his riding jacket again for the ride home. Lots to fuss about, but not for me! Mike says he is going to order one now that he understands the comfort and convenience afforded by the W&S Layer.
I hope this helps. Thanks to you all for your great products and support

Sid on 1st Apr 2018
If you ride in the cold you should have this item. I actually like it better than my Gen 4 jacket liner.